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Another Live Bait Tank Set up. This one is a Tank Tube Combo utilising our tanks 45 litres tanks and up and size and our new Medium Tuna Tubes (tubes can also be removed when not in use).

Can be customised to suit indivdual requirements. 


The ideal live bait tank medium Tuna Tube combo set up, allowing maximum longevity of your live bait and the added feature of Twin medium Tuna Tubes that are removable. Must be situated on the duck board where 5 holes are drilled into the tank for continous flow of water.


  • 45 Litre Tank
  • L01 Small lid
  • Bung
  • Twin removable medium sized Tuna Tubes ( 138mm ID and 150mm OD)
  • Exterior Tank cleats for easy fixing to duck board
  • Can be packaged with pump, pipe and fittings
  • 3/4 inch spin fitting outlet at top of tank for live bait tank flow inlet
  • Can be completely customised to suit individual requirements
  • Avalilabe in all tanks sizes 45 litres and above.
  • Click to view CAD Drawing LBT02TTS02.pdf

Total For package $ 735 icl GST (please note price does not include pump, fittings or pipe work) while stocks last.

Hi Tech Plastics at the Auckland On Water Boat Show 2014.

Again we will be displaying our huge range of NZ made boating accessories at the Auckland On Water Boat Show starting Thursday 25/9/14 through 'til Sunday 28/9/14. You can find us in Pavilion 3 stand 331. Come and check out some new fancy seats and a new release of our Tuna Tube 55 litre tank/Tube combo. We look forward to seeing you there.

Hi Tech Plastics Ultimate Live bait tank. Be ready with the live bait when you need it. Live baiting is all about timing the deployment of your live bait. Most importantly, it is proven to catch bigger fish and add special excitement to your day out on the water. The benefit of this combo is that the live bait can be rigged and ready to strike with the aid of these live bait tubes, as soon as the live bait is deployed from the tubes, rig another and have more bait ready to go. All tanks and tube combos can be customised to suit all tanks and individual requirements.

Diversifying from Hi Tech Plastics popular Live Bait tank combos, this all new TANK/TUBE combo includes 45 or 55 Litre tank, small hatch, twin live bait tubes, cleats for mounting to the duck board, handles, bung, 2m of hose, 2 way water diverter for flow into tanks/tubes or both simultaneously, Rule 500 GPH pump with transom bracket, and all pipe fittings included.

All you have to do is fix the pump to the transom under the water line using the transom bracket. Wire up the pump to your electrics and you will be catching bigger fish in no time.

Already have one of our live bait tanks? No problem we can adapt your existing tank to accommodate the new tubes designs. Tubes can also be sold separately for those needing smaller tubes for their live bait tank set-up or in addition to existing tuna tubes. P.O.A.



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