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LBT02CTTS02 - 45 Litre Live Bait Tank, Twin Tuna Tube Combo

LBT02CTTS02 - 45 Litre Live Bait Tank, Twin Tuna Tube Combo
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Price (NZD):


$786.00 incl. GST
L 450mm X W 380mm X D 300mm - 45 litres

The ideal Live Bait Tank and medium Tuna Tube combo set up, allowing maximum longevity of your live bait. Twin Tuna Tubes are removable. They must be situated on the duck board where 5 holes are drilled into the tank for continuous flow of water.

Package includes:

  • 45 Litre Tank
  • L01 Small lid
  • Bung
  • Twin removable medium sized Tuna Tubes ( 138mm ID and 150mm OD)
  • Exterior Tank cleats for easy fixing to duck board
  • 3/4 inch spin fitting outlet at top of tank for live bait tank flow inlet

Can be completely customised to suit individual requirements.

Tuna tube combo available in all tanks sizes 45 litres and above.

Please note price does not include pump, fittings or pipe work

Colour: White
Code: LBT02CTTS02


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