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PD05 King/Queen Wide Pedestal

Wide King and Queen c/w Cruiser Seat, Queen Squab, Low Level Manual Sliding Swivel Lock, and additional tackle box
  • Pd05 c w cruiser and extra tackle box
  • Pd05 c w crusor %282%29
  • Pd05 with un upholsterered queen cap

Price (NZD):


King and Queen pedestals can be matched with any seat combination and upholstery, with 40 colours to choose from. King and Queen Pedestal carpet colours are available in grey and black only.

As pictured: Wide King and Queen Pedestal -  S03 Cruiser seat, Low Level Manual Sliding Swivel Lock for S03 Cruiser seat, upholstery for S03 Cruiser seat and wide queen squab, additional tackle box.

-- $ 1391.00 NZD


  • PD05-King/Queen WIDE Pedestal, shell only (non-upholstered), (includes queen seat plastic shell with no upholstery) - $457.00 NZD
  • See product SS03- Queen Squab  upholstered WIDE - $155.00 NZD
  • PD07-Carpet for King/Queen Pedestal - $205.00 NZD 

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