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SR Softrider Aluminium Suspension Helm Pedestal

SR Softrider Aluminium Suspension Helm Pedestal
  • Sr700 with msch
  • Sr700 with slch

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Heights from 400mm-800mm in 50mm noimations

New Zealand made suspension Softrider with adjustable height.

The Softrider Aluminium Helm pedestal is an exclusive brand to Hi Tech Plastics. It has a unique Softrider feature which allows the pedestal to absorb the harshness of offshore and inshore boating. It has height adjustment while retaining its suspension. Used by commercial, recreational and coastguard boats worldwide.

​Made from Marine grade Aluminium Extrusion which gives excellent non-corosive protection. The Gas assisted spring ram for the suspension can easily be replaced and comes with a 1 year warranty replacement.

Softrider Aluminium pedestals are available in heights from 400mm to 800mm in 50mm nominations. Heights are measured from the floor to the underside of the seat when the pedestal is fully extended with either the SLCH, MSCH, or PSCH tops attached.

SR400 has 90mm travel, SR450 has 110mm travel, SR500 has 130mm travel and SR550-SR800 has 150mm Travel.

Add one of the following tops

  • SLCH Swivel Lock for swivel with locking handle

  • MSCH Manual Slider comes complete with SLC swivel and fore and Aft manual slider

  • PSCH Powerslider comes complete with SLC swivel and gas assisted fore and aft slider​

  • Also the FR Aluminium Footrest can be added for maximum comfort, compatible with Softriders 550mm and higher.

​​Compatible with all our seating range.

Code: SR400-SR800

Tops can be sold separately or MSCH and PSCH sliders can be added later in conjunction with the SLCH.

5-10 working days

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  • FR Aluminium Footrest:

  • SR Pedestal height:

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