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SRG Softrider Gas Ram replacement

SRG Softrider Gas Ram replacement
  • Sr softrider gas ram replacement
  • Softrider gas ram measurment

Price (NZD):


$88.00 incl. GST

The Softrider gas ram is very easy to replace. Please see spec sheet for fiiting instuctions.

We have 8 different height Softrider Pedestals. To measure what Softrider you have please remove the seat and swivel (swivel will remove with seat) then measure the length of the top tube (the tube that goes up and down).

Please see photo for measurement required.

Please also see link to You Tube video for measurement required, removal of old Gas ram and fitting of new Gas ram.



Once you have this measurement please click on the SEND AN ENQUIRY below with your measurement and we will contact you asap.

The replacement gas ram will include black circular disc on top of the gas ram. 

The Softrider Gas ram has a one year warranty replacement from date of purchase.

Code: SRG


5-10 working days