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SR220 Inverted Softrider Pedestal

SR220 Inverted Softrider Pedestal
  • Sr220 side view
  • Sr220 top view
  • Sr220 close view side
  • Sr220
  • Sr220 with helmsman bolster black psch and 470mm high pyramid
  • Sr220 with hi tech bolster psch and 470mm pyramid
  • Sr220 with hi tech 3000 seat on 470mm high pyramid and slch
  • Sr220 with msch
  • Sr220 with msch top view
  • Sr220 with msch side view
  • Sr220 with slch

Price (NZD):


$584.00 incl. GST

New Zealand made Inverted Softrider pedestal.

This new Inverted Softrider pedestal is designed to mount to an existing box or plinth without needing to mount to the floor. A great adition to any boat that has built in boxes, King and Queens or plinths but suspension and height adjustment is required. The SR220 Inverted Softrider has 90mm travel and suspension.

The Inverted Softrider does require a miniumum of 200mm space below the base flange.

Must add either the SLCH Swivel lock for Softrider or upgrade to the MSCH Manual Slider or PSCH Powerslider for Softrider.

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